Google indexing a real problem for everyone

Indexed or refund: indexes your URLs or refund you 90% of the credit.

Decreasing price according to use!

Your credits have no expiration date, you recharge your account in a secure way.

Google indexing rates

1 crédit = 1 URL 

1 à 991 €
100 à 1990,90 €
200 à 2990,80 €
300 à 3990,70 €
400 à 4990,60 €
+5000,50 €

No subscription
No expiration date
API access

NET rate

Feedback from customers using since the beta

Five-day indexing process.

Our process is automatic.
We index your URLs every day for five days.
As soon as your URL is indexed, we stop the process.
If it is not indexed by D+14, we refund 90% of the credit.

Simple et fast

Add your site, we’ll get your URLs.

Don't lose any more money

Non-indexed URLs are a loss of turnover for you or your customers.

Boost KW

Some customers receive a KW boost on the URls.

Use our Dashboard or our API

  1. Send your URLs
  2. 1st check at 20 minutes.
  3. Five day process.
  4. Follow day after day

How often do you index my URLs?

SIX is the number of times your URL enters our process.


Fully automatic

Follow-up Indexing

Follow the progress of your indexing

API Indexing

Use our API to plug your private dashboards!

Fast Google indexing

Sometimes it only takes a few minutes, if not 1 minute, to index a URL.


Why ?

  • Fast indexing.
  • Boost of KWs.
  • Progress tracking.
  • Indexed or refunded.
  • API

We use the search engine And our partner

Since July 2021 we have created an indexing process that takes into account several “mills”.
We will not be able to develop more than that.

No, the method is healthy, not Black Hat.
Some clients manage to get a position boost on pages already indexed!

We have a sliding scale of charges:  

1 à 991 €
100 à 1990,90 €
200 à 2990,80 €
300 à 3990,70 €
400 à 4990,60 €
+5000,50 €

The credits do not have a validated date.

We have an API open to everyone.
From your customer area you can generate an API token.

We are not closed to licensing for non-commercial use.

Webeditors customers benefit from the solution for free.

Indexed express subscriptions are still valid at: https:/old.indexerexpress.
Users were synchronized on December 8, 2021.

All accounts created after this date on Old are not automatically created on the new structure.

A credit carryover is possible, but in line with the new rates.

Need to know more?